Can we use the preexisting patchiness of Keldur to increase biodiversity instead of diminishing it?
Can we read the new „urban“ patches as part of this larger patchiness?
Can we work with patchiness to create new intertwining habitats for humans and non-humans?

We suggest a process-based-framework for a dynamic staging and cultivation of new ecologies. Landscape, nature, infrastructure, buildings and programs form an interrelated biotope triggering an overall “biodiversification”.

Landscape and nature first: Their powerful ecology become the project’s driving force. The result unfolds as promise: The initiation of a process that makes the future of Keldur fertile and resilient. A manual which inspires to discover opportunities, to manage uncertainties, to explore scopes of options. * "Spatial variation in landscape structure, also called habitat patchiness, arises from naturally occurring environmental heterogeneity (for example, variation in soil chemistry or soil moisture), as well as from anthropogenic causes (such as forest clear-cutting or agricultural land conversion)." from: Ecology of Fragmented Landscapes, by Sharon K.Collinge.

The values of biodiversities

Taking care of the manifold qualities of the land

Natural and urban context

an evolving ecological armature

A responsive framework for bio-diversification

A network of public spaces - spaces consonant with wind, sun and season

Syntax of densification and form

From 3 Quarters to 9 micro-neighborhoods

Designing the software: realizing the full potential

Borgalína - mobility in synergy with landscape

Using the existing - staging the moment of departure and arrival

Lage: Keldur, Reykjavik, Iceland Projektformat: Strategic Urban Development Plan - KELDUR BGF: > 500.000 m2 Planungszeitraum: 2023 –2023 Projektdauer: 1 Monate Auftraggeber: City of Reykjavik; BRT company Partner/innen: Gutierrez-delaFuente Arquitectos Fachplanner/innen: Miriam García García / land.lab, con.sens Verkehrsplanung Mitarbeiter/innen: Martin Wild, Ying Wang, Heike Vögele